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                XXX motor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is XXX Corporation set up in Suzhou Industrial Park in October 1, 2002, the Japanese owned company. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of recorders and flowmeter finished products, which are widely used in the field of industrial automation.
                XXX motor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to environmental protection. In response to the national environmental policy, it decides to collect the exhaust gas from the resin oven and the exhaust gas from paint spray, and then discharge it after reaching the standard. The XXX motor (Suzhou) Limited company, our company in a serious and responsible attitude, in accordance with the program requirements of the relevant national environmental design management, the XXX motor (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. to provide pollution components "integrated emission standard of air pollutants emission standards" (GB16297-1996).

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