Price, Invoice. The total price (the "Price") shown by on the order is definitive. The Price includes: the price of the Products, handling costs, packaging and transport. The Price will be in USD, any amounts stated in other currencies being only for the purposes of estimating the price in another currency.


Transport - Delivery - Delivery Schedule. The Product(s) will be delivered to the address indicated within a period of 2 to 10 days (only working days taken into account). The delivery time given to the Customer by may vary depending on the country involved. In case delivery is made and nobody is at the indicated address to accept delivery, the carrier shall leave a note indicating that it was unsuccessful in making the delivery and that the Customer should come to recover the Products at a location specified by the carrier. will not, for any reason, be held liable for any deterioration in the Products due to a Customers failure to collect the Products in a timely manner. Customers should accommodate to any laws or taxes applicable in their country and will take responsibility of any risks if they exist.


Transfer of Risk. The transfer of risk of the Products takes place when gives the Products to the carrier.


Liability - Limitation of Liability. The Customer is personally liable for its choice of Products and after delivery is entirely responsible for the conservation and consumption of the Products. Also, will not be held liable for not respecting any laws or regulations in the country where the Products are delivered. is only liable for complying with Costa Rican regulations relating to the Products. In any event, the liability of is limited to the lesser of the following amounts: 1) the direct damage suffered by the Customer or 2) the price of the order irrespective of the basis on which´s liability may be assessed.