Spanish for "demanding," the Exigente will satisfy the most demanding smoker. Noticeably heavy in your hand, this full boddied cigar offers a smokers a delicious draw on every puff. Although considered strong, it is like sipping a 20 year Scotch- full of flavor, but with smooth and delicate taste.

The Exigente comes in a unique box that parallels it demanding standards.




Hailed by some to be one of our best cigars, the Reserva is a full-bodied cigar with deep flavors. The blend is essentially the same as the Piramide , but our Reserva matures for an extra amount of time in our cedar humidors and can be considered the ‘big brother’ of the Robusto for its longer size and lightly wide ring.

The Reserva is one of the “Prime Jewels” of Don Benigno Cigars, and is a treat for any smoker.




With it’s unmistakable shape the Figurado is indeed a unique cigar. Referred to sometimes as a Double Figurado, because both ends reduce in ring size, it is full-bodied, but with it’s unmistakable varied ring size, there can be some interesting variation. Admittedly difficult to roll, this cigar is a unique treat.

Our Figurado, both well crafted and eye-catching, is as interesting as it is delicious.




Often called Torpedo in the North American market, our Piramide is a one of our fullest-bodied cigars. Very similar in blend to the Reserva, but obviously distinguished by it’s pointed head, the Piramide is a fine specimen of craftsmanship.

Easily cut with a standard cutter or cigar scissors, the Piramide is superb smoke for the experienced smoker.




Our most populat cigar, and perhaps the most recognized vitola by name, the Robusto is a robust yet short full-bodied cigar for the experienced smoker. It’s wide ring size allows for extra strength, extra body, extra aroma and extra flavor. If you prefer this blend, but do not have the time to enjoy a full Robusto, we recommend out Petit Robusto .

From the first puff until the last the Rubusto is a cigar that will not forget.




Petit Robusto

With essentially the same blend as it's older brother, the Robusto , the Petit Robusto is for the smoker that wants a full-bodied cigar, but does not have the time to indulge in something larger. This cigar was introduced specifically for he North American smoker, where, on a night out, it is often difficult to find the conditions to enjoy a larger smoke. Our Petit Robusto is the real deal, only in a smaller package.





Originally called Julieta, it is more commonly known as Churchill, named after Sir Winston Churchill. This vitola complements him both is it's grandeur and quality. It is full-bodied and has a strong and complex flavor. A well-known size, the Churchill is a cigar for an experienced smoker. The Churchill is a popular cigar for golfers, however it satisfies any smoker.




Corona Gorda

The Corona Gorda is perhaps the best kept secret of the cigar smoking world. Although many smokers have heard of it, far less smoke it regularly. Our Corona Gorda is a full-bodied smoke with a complex and delicious flavor.

It is said about Corona smokers that once they try a Corona Gorda, they never smoke a Corona again. Less intimidating than a Robusto , the Corona Gorda is a great cigar for the any smoker.



Somewhat of an enigma, the Cazadore is a larger cigar with full-flavor, but is slightly more mild that some of the other vitola of similar dimensions. With a respectable ring size and length, the Cazadore will satisfy. This is a very traditional vitola and was said to be one of the most popular cigars in old Cuba. A small percentage of short filler is used in this blend.





Perhaps the only cigar that can compete with the Lagito No. 1 in terms of elegance is the Cervantes. Although known by many names, nearly every brands offers this vitola. Named after the famous Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, and we take great pride in offering this cigar. Somewhat slim and somewhat long, our Cervantes is a cigar that satisfies both the smoker and the spectator.





Slightly longer than our Mareva , our Corona is very renown smoke. It's blend is very similar to that of the Mareva , and at nearly 6 inches, this is a satisfying cigar. Corona, Spanish for Crown, is a traditional vitola that can satisfy a wide array of smokers. Smoker's desiring a mild yet full-flavored cigar will be very satisfied by the Corona. Those looking for a little bit more should consider the Corona's “big brother,” the Corona Gorda .





Internationally, the Mareva is the most purchased cigar vitola. With a more complex flavor than the Perla or Petit Cetro, this cigar, although smaller that other more popular sizes, is a regular smoke for some of our oldest and most experienced clients. Our Mareva is neither mild nor strong, long nor short- just a simple and excellent cigar.





Laguito No. 1

The Laguito No. 1's elegance and class come from it's presentation and mystic beauty. The Laguito No. 1 is a smooth and creamy smoke that offers complex flavors and a respectable smoking time. This vitola reached a high level of fame in the early 90's, but was forgotten by many aficionados as due to it's inconsistencies in quality at other factories.

It's construction is much more delicate than many larger gauge cigars. The blend is very exact; the Laguito No. 1's ring size does not allow for much flexibility. Rolling the perfect Laguito No. 1 is not easy, but the finished product it worth it. Our Laguito No. 1 brings the cigar back to it's roots of quality and craftsmanship, which is why it became famous.


Laguito No. 2

The Laguito No. 2 is the Laguito No. 1 's younger brother. Never reaching the same fame as his older brother, the Laguito No. 2 shares many of the same characteristics. Being somewhat shorter, the smoke will not last as long, but with the exact same ring size, the body and flavor still come through.

Similar to the relationship between the Petit-Robusto and the Robusto, the Laguito No. 2 is the prefect cigar for someone wanting all of the same qualities and the Laguito No. 1 , but does not have the time needed to savor it.



Petit Cetro

Slightly longer than the Perla , the Perit Cetro, is a mild cigar. Although it is a smaller cigar, it proportions are appealing to the eye. This is a great cigar for weddings, births, or any other situation where smoker's experience levels may vary. A small percentage of short filler is used in this blend.






Sometimes considered a beginner's cigar, our Perla is still in-tune with today's smoker's requirements. Like some of our other Thin Gauge cigars, this is a short smoke with a mild flavor. If you are new to smoking, or often short on time, but looking for more than a Panetelita, the Perla is your cigar. Do not be turned off, however, our perla is a delicious hand made cigar.






Our Joyita (Spanish for 'little jewel') is a unique cigar developed to be something very different. Smooth and creamy, with a bold aroma the Joyita is very pleasing to the pallet. The blend, also unique, consists of only seco and volado- different than any other cigar we offer. Our "Little Jewel" is a delicious cigar that exemplifies the quality of our premium materials.





Bigger isn't always better- our Panetelita, or Purito, is a cigarette-size (slightly larger) cigar that is full of flavor and perfect if you do not have the time to enjoy a full cigar. Most cigars this size that are on the market today are machine-made, but, keeping with tradition, we continue to roll ours by hand. It is a great complement to a cup of strong coffee in the morning or with an afternoon break.